Roofing Repair

When faced with a leaky roof, most people fear the worst – anticipating the need to cover the expense of a whole new roof. That is not always the case. When caught early, roof repairs can be affordable — this is true for commercial, multi-family as well as residential properties. We are equipped to handle any situation, from small roof leaks to large commercial roofing system replacements, you can be sure that the professional services we offer will take care of your needs the first time around.

Top-quality installation, professional service, quick turnaround, and immaculate cleanup – it’s not just how we work, it’s who we are!



The first sign of a failing roof system is a leaking roof. The blistering sun, heavy rains, humidity, bad ventilation, incorrect weight distribution can all play a role in a leaking roof.

Years of being subjected to a sub-tropical climate like we have in Southwest Florida eventually pushes all home and business owners to invest in roof repairs and/or a complete roof replacement.

While roofs installed by us may last 25–50 years, the average life of a shingle roof installed in the northeast life is 14–18 years so keep that in mind when you choose what company will work for you.

Some companies may rush to finish their repair calls as quickly as possible, which can result in roof leaks, standing water and other issues developing. An experienced roofing company like us will consider all the possible water paths when repairing a roof to mount a strong defense against leaks, we wont just patch it and send you a big bill.

Admired Roofing And Siding LLC is committed to customer service and guarantees all new installations and roof repairs. We use quality materials and spend as much time as needed to completely resolve your roof problems.